Source code for mg_process_test.tool.testTool

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   regarding copyright ownership.

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   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
   You may obtain a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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from __future__ import print_function

import sys

from utils import logger

    if hasattr(sys, '_run_from_cmdl') is True:
        raise ImportError
    from pycompss.api.parameter import FILE_IN, FILE_OUT
    from pycompss.api.task import task
    from pycompss.api.api import compss_wait_on
except ImportError:
    logger.warn("[Warning] Cannot import \"pycompss\" API packages.")
    logger.warn("          Using mock decorators.")

    from utils.dummy_pycompss import FILE_IN, FILE_OUT  # pylint: disable=ungrouped-imports
    from utils.dummy_pycompss import task  # pylint: disable=ungrouped-imports
    from utils.dummy_pycompss import compss_wait_on  # pylint: disable=ungrouped-imports

from basic_modules.tool import Tool
from basic_modules.metadata import Metadata

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class testTool(Tool): # pylint: disable=invalid-name """ Tool for writing to a file """ def __init__(self, configuration=None): """ Init function """"Test writer") Tool.__init__(self) if configuration is None: configuration = {} self.configuration.update(configuration)
[docs] @task(returns=bool, file_in_loc=FILE_IN, file_out_loc=FILE_OUT, isModifier=False) def test_writer(self, file_in_loc, file_out_loc): # pylint: disable=no-self-use """ Count the number of characters in a file and return a file with the count Parameters ---------- file_in_loc : str Location of the input file file_out_loc : str Location of an output file Returns ------- bool Writes to the file, which is returned by pyCOMPSs to the defined location """ try: with open(file_in_loc, "r") as f_in: with open(file_out_loc, "w") as file_handle: char_count = 0 for line in f_in: char_count += len(line) file_handle.write("There are " + str(char_count) + " chacaters the file") except IOError as error: logger.fatal("I/O error({0}): {1}".format(error.errno, error.strerror)) return False return True
[docs] def run(self, input_files, input_metadata, output_files): """ The main function to run the test_writer tool Parameters ---------- input_files : dict List of input files - In this case there are no input files required input_metadata: dict Matching metadata for each of the files, plus any additional data output_files : dict List of the output files that are to be generated Returns ------- output_files : dict List of files with a single entry. output_metadata : dict List of matching metadata for the returned files """ results = self.test_writer( input_files["input"], output_files["output"] ) results = compss_wait_on(results) if results is False: logger.fatal("Test Writer: run failed") return {}, {} output_metadata = { "output": Metadata( data_type="<data_type>", file_type="txt", file_path=output_files["output"], sources=[input_metadata["input"].file_path], taxon_id=input_metadata["input"].taxon_id, meta_data={ "tool": "testTool" } ) } return (output_files, output_metadata)